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Marketa Kubickova


Prior to joining academia, she held a number of managerial positions in several upscale international hotels such as Four Seasons, The Breakers Resort in Palm Beach and The Boca Raton Resort and Spa in Boca Raton. Because of her extensive hotel experience, she has been able to teach a range of hospitality management courses, including a study abroad class, guiding students to explore international hotel development in the Czech Republic. Under her direction, students have also participated in various international hotel competitions.

Dr. Kubickova has a passion for research and her areas of interest mainly focus on competitiveness, the role of government and tourism economics with special emphasis on developing economies. She has worked with the government of Honduras on development of agro-tourism. Her research projects have been published in academic journals such as Tourism Management, Tourism Economics, and Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, to name few. She has delivered keynote and panel speeches at conferences and presented her research at several international conferences.


Marketa Kubickova
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