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Heather Lewis - Troy University

Director of Member Services​

Membership provides you with highly-valued networking opportunities with institutions, organizations and experts from around the world. Additional benefits include marketing, use of a variety of social media platforms, top quality education & research journals, publications, workshops, news from around SECSA-CHRIE regional institutions and industry partners.  Discounts on SECSA-CHRIE annual conference and partner products.

As a member you are eligible to receive and nominate members for a range of awards to recognize contributions to both education and industry. The SECSA-CHRIE Board and appointed positions offer governance opportunities to those members who wish to help to shape the future of the Association and the industry.

Membership Benefits and Categories

Membership with International CHRIE

When you join International CHRIE, you receive the best in hospitality and tourism education available outside the classroom. Membership is open to everyone interested in impacting the future of the global hospitality and tourism industry. Learn more about how ICHRIE can work for you.


ICHRIE Memberships Attract Members from:

  • Education: educators and administrators from schools, colleges and universities with programs in hospitality, tourism and events, culinary arts, food-service, hotels and lodging, travel and recreation services; graduate students; retired educators; and more

  • Industry: corporate professionals/executives in restaurants and food-service, hotels and lodging, travel and recreation services; hospitality and tourism publishers; suppliers; and more

  • Associations: association leadership and staff with an interest in hospitality and tourism education; and more.


By joining International CHRIE, you have the ability to make your membership work for you. Join online or download the membership application.

What are our levels of membership?

  • Special Individual US$25

  • Exclusive Individual US$205

  • Emergent Premium Institutions $105 (valued at $500 if purchased individually)

  • Executive Membership for 2 year and 4 year institutions US$365 / $565*

  • Premium Institutional for 2 year and 4 year institutions US$1130* (valued at $4100 if purchased individually)

  • Gold Premium Exclusive US$2200 (valued at $7175 if purchased individually)


* For clarification: Two (2) Year Institution: Refers to institutes offering pre-Bachelor’s degree programmes of study, e.g., associate degree, certificate, diploma, technical/vocational qualifications, foundation courses, and apprenticeship training. 
Four (4) Year Institution: Refers to institutes offering undergraduate and/or postgraduate degree programmes of study, e.g., Bachelors, Baccalaureate, Master degree, and PhD.

Emerging Nations

SECSA CHRIE has become an international organization with members from across the Caribbean and Latin America.   At the same time, more and more hospitality and tourism faculty from emerging markets are searching to become a part of our international organization. The greatest challenge is the cost of their membership could equal a week’s salary and that makes it impossible for them to join our organization.

Emerging Nations Program Details:

  • The Special Individual level rate is US$25 for one full member.

  • The Emergent Premium level rate is US$105 for five (5) full members + 10 associate members.

  • All memberships under the program will receive digital access only. 

We are happy to offer the Emerging Nations Program for those members who are in one of the countries listed below. 
Join online or download the membership application.


SESCA Federation Emerging Nations

Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
St. Lucia
St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Please send us a question or begin your enrollment process by clicking on the button below.


2810 N Parham Rd, Suite 230
Richmond, VA 23294 USA

(804) 346-4800

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